Department of Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacology

The department started as the Unit of Pharmacology and Therapeutics was established in 2008 at the School of Pharmacy. It is comprised of faculty with PhD and Masters degrees. Members of Units with Master degree are currently undergoing PhD programs and the Unit continues to recruit more Junior and senior Faculty. Recently, The Unit developed a competence based Mpharm curriculum in Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy, the degree which exposes the postgraduate students to application of drugs in really patients. In this program students are taught clinical applications of drugs, first Aid Interventions such Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitations and administration of injections in emergence situations. Teaching of Therapeutics is the major focus of this Unit. Students are involved in supervised Major and Minor ward Rounds in collaboration with Medical team (and preceptors) which is comprised of Medical Doctors and Nurses in Referral Hospitals such Muhimbili National Hospital and Ocean Road Cancer Institute. In additions students are strengthened in Clinical rotations during field training at Bugando Referral Hospital in Mwanza.


The faculty is also dedicated in conducting both basic and clinical researches and at the moment majority of its members are linked with MUHAS-Sida Bioanalytical Laboratory which champions Biaonalytical analyses of various drugs with the purpose of ascertaining their Pharmacokinetics, and effects in the body of patients providing information with regard to dosage and where necessary dosage adjustment, bioequivalence of various drug formulations and adherence of patients to treatments. MUHAS-Sida Bioanalytical Laboratory is one among the few laboratories in the country with capacity to conduct determination of drugs in biological samples such as whole blood, dried blood spots, plasma and others. The Unit is involved in various research areas such as Malaria, HIV, TB, Diabetes Mellitus and other areas and due to its capacity it is involved in supervision of postgraduate students at the level of Masters and PhD level. At the moment, the Unit of Pharmacology and Therapeutics is building its capacity to conduct therapeutic drug Monitoring and it is currently stretching its muscles to capture herbal Product Researches.


The unit aims at providing excellence in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in basic pharmacology, clinical pharmacology and therapeutics including imparting graduates with skills in patient care services to collaboratively work with other clinical care team members directly on patient care areas to review medication orders and manage drug therapy. At the moment, the Unit Collaborates with all Medical wards at MNH and both Main and Block Pharmacies for training of undergraduate and Postgraduate students. It also collaborates with Swedish, Germany, Belgian and American Universities with support from various donor Agencies. Currently, the academic Members of the Unit are: Prof Apolinary Kamuhabwa (Bphar, Mpharm, PhD), Dr Omary Minzi (Mpharm, MSc Medical and Pharm Researches, PhD), Dr Eliford Ngaimisi (Bpharm, PhD), Mr Ignace Alphonce (BPharm, Mpharm), Ms Ritah Mutagonda (Bpharm, Mpharm, on PhD program) and Mr Hamu Mluka (Bpharm, on MPharm Program).


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