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Prof. Godeliver  Kagashe

Prof. Godeliver Kagashe

Dean's Office - Associate Professor

P.O Box 65013, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Tel: Direct line +255 22 2151244




Hamis Kamandwa

Dean's Office - Senior Administrative Officer

Mariam Vesso

Dean's Office - Personal secretary

Vailet Y. Hosea

Dean's Office - Health Attendant

Prosper Tibalinda

Dean's Office -

Bertha F. Kavishe

Dean's Office - Senior Lab Engineer
Prof. Minzi MS Omary

Prof. Minzi MS Omary

Pharmacology & Therapeutics - Associate Professor
Phone: +255 785892009
University  Training: Masters degree in pharmacy (Pyatigorsk, Soviet Union, 1989), Msc Program in Medical &  Pharmaceutical Research (Vrije University of Brussels, Belgium, 1995), PhD Clinical Pharmacology (Karolinska Institutet-UDSM, 2005) Research Publications: Machado LR, Bowdrey J, Ngaimisi E, Habtewold A, Minzi O, Makonnen E, Yimer G, Amogne W, Mugusi S, Janabi M, Aderaye G, Mugusi F, Viskaduraki M, Aklillu E, Hollox EJ. Copy Number Variation of Fc Gamma Receptor Genes in HIV-Infected and HIV-Tuberculosis Co-Infected Individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa. PLoS One. 2013 Nov ...
 Dr Eliford  Ngaimisi Kitabi

Dr Eliford Ngaimisi Kitabi

Pharmacology & Therapeutics - Lecturer
Phone: +255718221480
University Education: Optimization of HIV and Tuberculosis co-treatment in Tanzanian Patients: Emphasis on Pharmacogenetics and Drug Interactions: Karoinska Institutet, Stockholm-Sweden, 2013; RESEARCH AREAS, INTEREST AND EXPERIENCE My health research fields of interest are in HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. My goals are to develop innovative algorithms for optimizing medicine dosages through application of pharmacometrics and pharmacogenetics.My training and research experiences are in the fields of pharmacometrics, pharmacogenetics,pharmacoepidemiology, genetic epidemiology, bio ...

Prof. A. Kamuhabwa

Pharmacology & Therapeutics - Associate Professor

B. Pharm (UDSM), MPharm Sc, PhD (KU

Mr. Ignace Alphonce

Pharmacology & Therapeutics - Assistant Lecturer

B. Pharm (MUHAS)

 Mr.Hamu Joseph

Mr.Hamu Joseph

Pharmacology & Therapeutics - Tutorial Assistant

Ms Ritah Mtagonda

Pharmacology & Therapeutics - Assistant Lecturer
Phone: +255 713816481

Ms Ritah Mtagonda

Pharmacology & Therapeutics - Assistant Lecturer
Phone: +255 713816481
 Mr.Amani  Thomas Mori

Mr.Amani Thomas Mori

Pharmaceutics - Tutorial Assistant
 I received primary education at Kibo Primary School in Moshi (1987-1993). I joined Mawenzi School in Moshi, for Ordinary Level Secondary Education (1994-1997. Between 1998-2000 I was at Mzumbe School in Morogoro for Advanced Level Secondary Education. UNIVERSITY EDUCATION: In 2005, I completed a four years Bachelor degree in Pharmacy at UDSM which was followed by a year of internship. In 2008, I started a two years Masters Degree in Health Policy and Management at MUHAS (in collaboration with the University of Bergen-Norway). Currently I am pursuing a PhD program in Pharmacoeconomics, ...

Dr. D Mloka

Pharmaceutics - Lecturer

BSc, MSc, (London), PhD (MUHAS)

Ms B. . Maganda

Pharmaceutics - Assistant Lecturer

B. Pharm (UDSM), MSc (Bradford)

Prof. G. A. B. Kagashe

Pharmaceutics - Associate Professor

B. Pharm (UDSM) PhD (Galway, Ireland)

Prof. M. Justin Temu

Pharmaceutics - Professor

B. Pharm (UDSM), MSc, PhD (KULeuven)

Dr. DW. M. Kalala

Pharmaceutics - Lecturer

B. Pharm (UDSM), Pharm Dipl. (Manchester), MSc (KULeuven)

Mr. Dickson Pius

Pharmaceutics - Assistant Lecturer

B. Pharm (UDSM), MSc (Ireland)

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